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Posted by zzz - Lorea Thomson on Monday, June 30th, 2014 at 12:25pm.


Have you ever wished to fly like Tony Sparks?  Flyboarding is close.

Flyboarding…how do you do that? A flyboard is a board connected to by a water hose to a Jet Ski or a Wave Runner. The Jet Ski engines force water into the hose at high pressure and out through nozzles on the board, and rider as high as 45 feet, 12-15 feet for beginners.

West Palm Beach officials redesigned the downtown waterfront and in addition to strolling and boating, one can try the extreme fun of flyboarding.  Get set for takeoff from the center pier on the east end of Clematis Street in front of E.R. Bradley’s Saloon. SoFlo Flyboarding was licensed by the city commission to offer a flyboarding instruction program from a floating dock from the aforementioned center pier.

The owners and business partners, Gauthier and McRoberts, wanted to open up in West Palm Beach because they wanted to bring water sports activities to the downtown area. “People go to the downtown are to eat and drink. No one thinks of it as a fun water location.  And there’s no better activity to attract people than flyboarding.”

There are Jet Ski rentals at the pier.  However, they are hard to notice from the pier.   “If you have someone flying 30 feet above the water, that will catch someone’s eye.”

Riders must weigh at least 100 pounds to control the Flyboard.  They have had customers as young as 12 years of age and as old as 68.  The instructor uses the throttle to control how much water is thrust through the board, which determines how high the board will fly.  The rider controls the turns, with foot placement and balance or lack thereof.

Cost:  $140 per 35 of instruction and flight time; $180 for a full hour.  $6,250 to purchase a Flyboard (not including the Jet Ski).  

Please visit www.Sosofloflyboarding.com  for more information.

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