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Virtually Explore the White House

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 at 2:29pm.


Explore the White House.  Self-guided tours of the White House are currently unavailable.  To experience the history and art of the White House in person takes some doing.  First, one must submit a tour request through one’s Member of Congress. COVID-19 has put in person tours of the White House on hold.

Now we can explore the White House virtually instead with high resolution images. You can look at paintings on the wall, wander the halls, and pan all around you to take in the elaborate furnishings, high ceilings, and stately decor.  Travel is a bit locked down for South Florida, as well as all United States citizens, so this is a good option.  The virtual tour is filled with hours of interesting things to explore and learn.

There are several websites which provide virtual tours featuring photos and information about the historical significance of each part of the building. One of the perks of an online tour is special access to some of the spaces that are not included in real-life tours of this extraordinary structure.  Google Arts & Culture offers a magnificent virtual reality tour of the White House.

The main feature of this tour is the interactive museum views of the White House and its beautiful grounds. The Eisenhower Executive Building, which houses many staff offices next door is also on the tour.



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