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These days, staying in is the new going out and what better way to enjoy a night at home is to have some fun.  Being at home is a creative way to mix up your routines and try something new. 

Here are our top things to do at home.

1. Board Games and Puzzles

Whether its playing Chess, Twister or putting together a 1,000 piece puzzle, board games and puzzles are a great way to keep your brain active and keeps you thinking. 

2. Baking

Research has shown that baking is a way for people to relieve stress and what better way to do so then with a tasty treat. 

3.  Stream your favorite movies and TV shows

Now is the time to download Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and other streaming apps and sit back and enjoy some of your favorite movies and TV

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The spring season is upon us and there is nothing better than coming home to a clean and de-cluttered home. Spring-cleaning time is a way to give your favorite clothes, accessories, chairs and daily go- to’s a refresh. 

Here are some Spring Cleaning Tips from Good Housekeeping Magazine. 

1. Replace or clean your outdoor doormat. Doormats trap a lot of dirt that can be brought inside the home. 

2. Clean your windows and blinds with a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to get rid of all the streaks and dust build up. 

3. Clean your kitchen sink and garbage disposal with lemons.  Simply cut up a few pieces of lemons and drop them down the garbage disposal and turn it on to get your kitchen smelling like a fresh lemon scent. 

4. Your

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So, the family is stuck at home bored, and you finished a 1000-piece puzzle you thought you would never even try. Now what? Maybe you want to move it off the dining room table, but don’t want to break it apart just yet. You could use Modge Podge to glue it together forever, OR you can keep it together temporarily with supplies you have at the house!

Here’s how to keep a puzzle together without glue!

When the puzzle is completed and assuming you put it together on top of a poster board, place a 2nd poster board (or very tight Saran Wrap) over the top of the completed puzzle and carefully (and I mean very carefully) flip the puzzle over. Hopefully you didn’t just flip the puzzle back into a thousand pieces, and you have it flat on its front.


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Research conducted by the National Summer Learning Association states that if children take a lengthy break from learning they will not only miss out on learning new information but also can lose up to three months of math and reading skills from the previous months. 

Here are some ways to keep kids engaged and learning all day long. 

  • Learn to Play Chess: Chess helps you focus, think ahead and work through situations.  For those who do not know how to play Chess, there are plenty of online tutorials and lessons for you to learn, chesskid.com is a free online website and app that can help you learn. 
  • Let the kids make dinner: By allowing kids to make dinner allows them to make healthy lifestyle choices and learn what is good for you to
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1,000 piece puzzles can be daunting, but are a great way to pass the time with multiple family members and keep that strategic brain busy. During quarantine time, it’s a great idea to designate a table or countertop in a common living area and kind of “puzzle graze” throughout the day. Ponder it awhile, take breaks, or come back to it while watching a movie or over a glass of after dinner wine. Laid out below is a step-by-step guide to completing a 1,000 piece puzzle that, once mastered, you can apply to a puzzle of any size!

Designate a Workspace

Before we take out the pieces, designate a specific workspace in a common area of the house like the dining room, a large coffee table, or a large kitchen island. Note the dimensions of the puzzle you're

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If you haven’t been counted in the 2020 census yet, do it! You may ask why it’s important- the 2020 census is important because it provides the government and businesses with a snapshot of our nation. Once complete, it will determine congressional representation, where hundreds of billions of dollars of federal funding is spent, and will provide data that will impact communities for the next DECADE.

Imagine you have ten years worth of lunches to plan, and someone tells you to plan it for 5 people, then 10 people actually show up. That wouldn’t make for very good planning, now would it? Count yourself IN so your community receives the funding it needs!


Congressional Representation

The results of this once-a-decade count determine the

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If you’re someone who loves to change, then hoping on the popular color bandwagon for your home can be fun and exciting. With the spring season upon us, everyone is in the mood to clean, organize and refresh his or her homes for the upcoming months. 

Whether your looking to paint a room, or change the theme of the room here are some paint colors and color scheme trends that never go out of style. 

White and Neutrals

Cool and warm whites and neutrals can suit whatever color scheme you are aiming for and is a safe choice for those looking to paint walls, furniture, cabinets and other large surfaces that is expected to remain in style for years to come. 


Blue is a color that works with everything, whether you chose to go a light or

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The Palm Beaches are filled with fitness fanatics—people who love to eat healthy, go to the gym, and practice active lifestyles. Unfortunately, one of the many difficult things about this difficult time is that many of the gyms in South Florida and around the country have shut down in order to practice responsible “social distancing” and reduce the spread of the new infectious coronavirus.

What this means for those who enjoy staying active is you need to come up with ways you can workout alone, or at home without the luxury of all your typical gym equipment. Here are some effective exercises you can do outside the gym.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a classic exercise that get the job done. You can try doing timed sets or count the number

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The Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach is the perfect place to begin your vacation here in Palm Beach County. The medium sized airport sees roughly six million visitors each year and has been on the “Top 10 Airport” list numerous times by Travel + Leisure Magazine. 

The airport features every amenity you can think of. While waiting for your flight stop by and shop at one of several stores and shops including the PGA Tour Shop, practice your putting with mini golf, dine in at one of several restaurants and cafes, visit the shaded luxury pet area, children’s area, get pampered at the spa and much more. 

The airport sees more than 200 daily departing and arriving flights from more than 13 airlines from all over the United States,

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While quarantine may have its pitfalls, families around the world are becoming more and more creative about spending quality time together in their homes. Why not combine classic family time with a little comfort food, and bake cookies?!

We found the World’s Best Cookie Recipe! Have you ever baked them? We’ll give you a clue- they aren’t chocolate chip! These cookies melt in your mouth and have the perfect amount of sweet and saltiness while somehow being chewy with a little *crisp* at the same time! Let us know how yours turn out by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram! Also, check out the 10 Prettiest Kitchens to Bake Cookies!

World’s Best Cookie Recipe

READY IN: 22mins | SERVES: 96 | YIELD: 8 dozen

(For less cookies, just half the recipe, or

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