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The Crown Jewel of South Florida- The Florida Keys!

Posted by Brittany Bosher on Thursday, October 25th, 2012 at 11:24am.

Homes in the Florida Keys

What comes to mind for you when you think of Florida, the beaches, warm ocean, sunny weather? Most of south Florida’s real estate posses all of these fabulous qualities, but no one can deny the pinnacle is the Florida Keys! 

With over 1,700 small islands, the Florida Keys is a myriad of beauty, wildlife and the ideal Florida lifestyle. The world famous chain of islands cascade down the eastern coast of Florida and begin with Key Largo to Islamorada, Marathon to Big Pine Key and finally Key West.  

Key Largo is the northernmost key and is just an hour drive south of Miami. This key is renowned for having some of the most incredible wildlife in the state. Key Largo is home to America’s first undersea state park, The John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park as well as two state parks, a national park and a national marine sanctuary. It is no wonder so many people choose this key to relax and unwind under the breezy palms and immersed in the coral islands. 


Islamorada is the next big island as you make your way south. Islamorada is revered for its world-class fishing. It has been claimed that Islamorada may be the only place in the world where you can go deep-sea fishing, catch a marlin in the morning and then head back into the mangroves to get a bonefish at night. The food is tasty, tropical cuisine and the scene is warm and laid back. This is a popular key for people to marry and celebrate.  When you visit Islamorada, you often find yourself watching the sunset at a dockside tiki bar. Can you imagine anything better?

Marathon Key is the “boating and family destination of the Florida Keys.” Marathon is a 10-mile long island found in the center of the chain of islands. This family-oriented island community engrained in a heritage of fishing, and reflects the old-Keys lifestyle that residents, snowbirds and guests enjoy so much. Locals call Marathon, the “heart of the keys” for its family oriented vibe, natural environment and all-encompassing festivals. There are tons of festivals and gatherings for residents and guests of Marathon Key, including seafood cookouts, art festivals and beach parties. See dolphins, fish and turtles on the Atlantic Oceanside and the Gulf of Mexico. Its no wonder Marathon is such a fun and friendly destination. 

Marathon Key

Getting into the lower keys are Big Pine and the rest of the lower keys. Here you can come and get away from the chaos of the rest of the world. Big Pine and the lower keys offer the upmost in relaxation and peace. Big Pine is the place to take a leisurely bike ride along the beaches, paddle board among the mangroves or read a book in a palm hammock.  Serene lagoons and sandy mangrove islands provide a sanctuary of secluded luxury. Here, a plush beach chair is calling your name. 

Finally, the famous island of Key West, without this island most people wouldn’t know the rest of the keys. This is the southernmost point of the continental U.S. and features real estate titles that date back to Spanish royalty. Gingerbread mansions, palm lined streets, charming shops, unbelievable restaurants and tons historic museums are just some of the features that make this key so famous. The seafaring tradition of south Florida beats strongly in Key West. Guests and residents have the indulgence of the shining sun, warm ocean and lavish living here in the keys. Key West is the perfect place to have a fun weekend getaway as well! The famed Duval Street is covered on either side with exciting bars and some of the best party scenes in the U.S.  

Key West Shops

The Florida Keys are the crown jewel of south Florida living. If you haven’t had the chance to visit yet, put it on your list! 

Learn more about the Florida Keys and all they have to offer by visiting their website: The Florida Keys

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