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Palm Beach County Mailing Out Face Masks

Posted by Gerald Lombardo on Monday, June 29th, 2020 at 7:45am.

Palm Beach County residents will soon find reusable face masks in their mailboxes. Each package, which will be sent out in early July, will have two cloth and two disposable masks.

Palm Beach County residents are required to wear masks in public places in all but a few instances including exemptions for children under 2, people with medical conditions for whom masks can be dangerous, or for religious reasons.

The mask can come off if someone is actively eating at a restaurant, exercising at the gym, physically distanced from others at a park, beach, boat or golf course, but masks must be worn when coming and going from these places or when others are within close proximity.

There’s no designated registration or card that will prove that a person is exempt from the mask mandate. If that person is stopped from entering a building for not wearing a mask, their only apparent recourse is to ask the management.

“A business may deny access for any legitimate nondiscriminatory reason,” the county’s states in a Frequently Asked Questions document. “The establishment has a right to provide an alternative means of service such as curbside delivery, takeout, or outside dining where social distancing is possible.”

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