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Paddle Your Way Through Palm Beach County!

Posted by Ali Kane on Friday, August 25th, 2017 at 9:05am.

When living so close to the water why not try new and exciting things? Paddle Boarding has become a popular water sport that requires good balance and strength. Whether you never heard of it or have been itching to try something fun, the paddle board craze has taking over the intercostal waterways all over Florida.

Paddle boards, can be used in many ways for a recreational purpose or to get a good workout in. A paddle board is a long narrow board, like a surf board that skims over the water while someone either stands or kneels in the center and paddles along the water with an oar. A paddle board can also be used laying on the board and using your arms and hands to propel across the water.
Palm Beach County has plenty of options when it comes to renting a paddle board and joining in on the popular craze.

Riviera Beach Marina offers paddle board rentals allowing people to explore the waters around Palm Beach, Singer Island and the rest of the county. Lessons are also available for beginners looking for fun on the water. Yoga/Fitness paddle boarding is offered in West Palm Beach for those who are daring and professionals in the balance department.

Downtown West Palm Beach, offers paddle boards for rent and even gives guided tour for 4 of more people around the intercostal, pointing out important landmarks and history throughout the area.

A few local parks also offer paddle boarding rentals for those not ready to take on the intercostal, or simply would enjoy a more calmer journey. Also, local surf shops and outdoor centers offer paddle board rentals for you to take and use as well.


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