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Memorial Day Boat Destinations

Posted by Steve Bell on Thursday, May 25th, 2023 at 3:12pm.

As Memorial Day approaches, boat owners in Palm Beach County eagerly anticipate hitting the water and making the most of the long weekend. With its stunning coastline and interconnected waterways, Palm Beach County offers a plethora of options for boating adventures. Here are just a few destinations to consider when planning your Memorial Day boat trip.

Peanut Island, a captivating tropical paradise bursting with natural beauty. Surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise waters, this small island offers a range of recreational activities, including snorkeling, swimming, and picnicking. It also boasts historic landmarks, such as President Kennedy's bunker, adding a touch of intrigue to its allure.

Guanabanas is a laid-back restaurant nestled in Jupiter. Surrounded by lush tropical foliage, it offers a unique dining experience with live music, refreshing cocktails, and a menu filled with fresh seafood and mouthwatering dishes bursting with local ingredients.

Square Grouper, also located in Jupiter, is a popular waterfront restaurant and bar. Set directly across the water from the scenic Jupiter Lighthouse, it offers a laid-back atmosphere and stunning sunset views. With refreshing cocktails and live music, Square Grouper is the perfect spot to unwind.

 If you are looking to socialize and meet fellow boating enthusiasts, head to the Jupiter Sandbar. Situated near the Jupiter Inlet, this shallow sandbar serves as a gathering spot for boaters looking to anchor, wade in the water, and enjoy a festive atmosphere.

As you plan your weekend on the water, ensure you prioritize safety, adhere to boating regulations, respect the natural environment, but also have fun! Go fuel up your boat, gather your friends and family, and create lasting memories as you navigate Palm Beach County's waterways this Memorial Day.

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