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Loggerhead Marine Life Center - 5 Turtle Release

Posted by Cindy Spee on Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 at 4:06pm.

Loggerhead Marine Life Center - 5 Turtle Release
The Loggerhead Marine Life Center in Juno Beach had their largest turtle release to date, and five rehabilitated turtles were put back in the ocean and sent on their way. Brie, Bruce, Pearson, Shertz and Treble all have fully recovered and were brought back to the beach and encouraged to go back home.
More than 500 people showed up to watch, as the five turtles were brought down to the beach, and placed near the water’s edge. Three of the turtles went in with little prodding, but the other two went after a quick re-positioning.
Loggerhead Marine Life Center Broadcasted the Event Live on Facebook
This is the second time Waterfront Properties was on hand for a Sea Turtle Release, Nicole Richards was on hand back in October 2014.

Loggerhead Marine Life Center ( LMC) releases rehabilitated Sea Turtles back into the wild almost monthly. Follow LMC on Facebook for scheduled releases, and other fun family events. 
Loggerhead Marine Life Center Crowd to watch Turtle Release
Transporting the sea turtles to the ocean
Releasing Sea Turtles back into the wild
Loggerhead Marine Life Center releases 5 sea turtles
Loggerhead Marine Life Center Turtle going back to the sea
Sea Turtle going back into the sea
Sea Turtle splashes in the ocean
About the Five Turtles
Brie is a Loggerhead turtle that came to the LMC 6months ago after being found in the St. Lucie Power Plant intake canal with a large amount of epibiota such as algae, barnacles, snails, and coral on its carapace.  She was anemic, hypoglycemic, lethargic, and underweight, with impacted intestinal tract. Her course of treatment was a short fresh water bath, and lots fluids, vitamins, iron, and antibiotics.
Bruce is an endangered Kemps Ridley turtle, also found in the St. Lucie Power Plant intake canal, and came to LMC 6 months ago. He had many wounds on the carapace, plastron and all four flippers possibly from a shark.  LMC used therapeutic laser therapy and topical medications to heal the wounds, and antibiotics to treat his infections.
Pearson is a Loggerhead sea turtle that had been entangled in fishing line on his front flipper at the Juno Beach Pier. He was brought to LMC 5 months ago and had a fresh water bath for a few days, then was started on a treatment of antibiotics, iron, and fluids.
Shertz was not only the longest term turtle who went back into the ocean, but also the farthest traveled. He is a juvenile Loggerhead sea turtle found near Cape Cod, and sent down from Massachusetts because the centers there were over capacity with “cold-stunned” sea turtles.
Treble was also hooked at the Juno Beach Pier; he had a small jay hook in his mouth, and a treble hook in his lower esophagus. The hook in his mouth was successfully removed, but the surgery to remove the hook from his intestine took sometine to heal. After 6 months of antibiotics and fluids his appetite was back and he was cleared for release.

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