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While dining at home surrounded by family may be ideal for most people on Thanksgiving Day, sometimes it's nice to avoid cooking and dishes all together while enjoying a gourmet meal cooked by a chef at one of the many wonderful restaurants in Palm Beach County. From Jupiter to Delray Beach, here are some restaurants pulling out all the stops for those who choose to dine out on the town.


Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa

At Jupiter Beach Resort, savor the holiday at Sinclairs Ocean Grill. The dining room and outdoor terrace will be serving Thanksgiving a la carte with holiday specials adding to their regular menu for both lunch and dinner. Sip on a selection from the extensive wine list, and dine on gourmet dishes while overlooking the Atlantic

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Date night in Palm Beach should be very simple.  There are exquisite restaurants with Michelin rated chefs all over the island. Like most people, free time is tight and sometimes rushed or shoved to the back burner.  Having some adult time is essential for maintaining a healthy relationship. So even if you only get a few free hours together it is important to leave the house and enjoy it.  Make sure to choose some of the best places for date night in Palm Beach. 

What makes those nights stand out from the others?  Generally, it is a combination of things. The energy of the place, not sure how to describe it, but it is something that you feel as soon as you walk in. It can be the most beautiful restaurant, but if the energy is not right, you simply

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Attention dog owners!  Mounts Botanical Garden, 531 North Military Trail in West Palm Beach is turning its annual Dogs’ Day in the Garden into a monthly event, beginning Sunday, December 13, 2020. Bring your four- legged family member for a delightful garden stroll on the second Sunday each month, 9 am-3 pm.  

You will find some great spots around the garden for fun photos with your fur baby! If you post pictures, please use #MountsBotanicalGarden and Mounts will share your photos. Moving ahead, this fun experience for both humans and their fur-babies held on the second Sunday of each month through May 9, 2021.  The event will be held throughout the Garden, and regular admission applies: $10 (general); $5 (children 5-12), and free for members. 

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Hani Honey Company, located at 5219 S.E. Ebbtide Avenue, Stuart, Martin County, is a family owned apiary.  An apiary is a location where beehives of honeybees are kept. “tending bees with care and placing the girls in optimal foraging environments to harvest fresh, Florida local, delicious, award winning Wildflower Honey”.  Hani Honey Company specializes in producing honey from whatever is blooming in the region every season. It is an all-natural process without heat allowing all the of the bees amazing work to remain in the natural honey.

Beekeeping, or apiculture, is the care of honeybees that ensures that they produce more honey than they can use. An apiary typically consists of many separate beehives. Hani Honey apiaries are in Martin, St.

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Peaceful Mind, Peaceful Life Wellness Series is dedicated to fostering inner peace and wellness by educating and inspiring individuals.  Additionally, establishing community through mindfulness practices, online resources, and programs. Barb Schmidt is renowned practitioner, here in the Boca Raton area, of mindfulness and meditation for over 30 years. The soothing sounds of the Atlantic Ocean and seagulls can only do so much.  Add some guidance and foster greater inner peace and well being with the Peaceful Mind series.

In 2011, she founded the nonprofit organization Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life. She has taught meditation workshops at Nova Southeastern University and at Florida Atlantic University as part of the Peace, Justice & Human Rights

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The top “over the top” frozen treats in Palm Beach County will surely break your diet, but will it?  A much more effective and realistic dieting approach for most people is to use healthy, “clean” whole foods as the underlying foundation of their meal plan, but to also regularly add in a moderate allowance of “cheat foods” as well.

Force yourself to “eat clean” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with nothing but plain chicken, brown rice, broccoli and oatmeal and it’s a virtual guarantee that you’ll eventually feel bored and frustrated with your diet, which could very easily cause you to fall off track or even quit altogether.

 In other words, when you allow yourself to enjoy controlled amounts of your favorite foods as an ongoing part of your

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Imagine…just ONE thing you need to do when trying to sell your home.  What could it be?  So many things come rushing to mind, but could it be so simple as to only require one thing?  The real estate specialists at Waterfront Properties and Club Communities of Southeast Florida have the answer! 

Let an expert light the way with the one thing needed to get your home sold.It really is that simple, but by nature we humans fight simplicity.  Price your home correctly! Yes, that is right, according to Realtor.com, pricing your home right is the one thing you need to do to sell your home fast.  This applies to the property that is in pristine condition, in need of repairs, one that backs up to a busy street or any home for that matter. The one thing

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Palm Beach conjures up vivid images of beautiful beaches, extravagant shopping, sprawling mansions, beautiful people, and historic architecture, but it would not be as iconic without John Volk’s architecture. Volk is one of Palm Beach’s premier “Society Architects”.  He is the architect behind some of Palm Beach’s most notable landmarks including the Royal Poinciana Plaza, the Beach Club, and the 1944 renovation of the Bath and Tennis Club.  Volk also designed homes for such notable families as Ford, Dodge, DuPont, Pulitzer, and Vanderbilt.

The Royal Poinciana Plaza is classic John Volk architecture, and is a charming example of his signature Palm Beach style. Built in the late 1950s, today the property stands a landmarked property. Arranged around two

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We’re lucky to be part of a friendly community who takes care of one another! Here are some out of the box ideas for some random acts of kindness this month.

1. Support local businesses. Before you head to a large chain restaurant for dinner, remember the family business who needs you to stay afloat. They also tend to put more heart and thought into your food, so it will be better tasting and better for you!

2. Find opportunities to give compliments. It costs nothing, takes no time, and could make someone’s entire day. Don’t just think it. Say it.

3. One easy way to ensure you write a nice note to someone every day is to do it first thing in the morning. Pick a different friend, family member, or co-worker every morning and send them a quick “I

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Voters in Palm Beach County need to make their voices heard by voting on November 3, 2020.  This 2020 Presidential Election is unprecedented. Your vote is your voice on issues affecting healthcare, housing, education, and employment. Help make a difference in the community during this general election and vote. There are several simple motivations why you should vote: 

You vote will impact the quality of life you want for yourself and forthcoming generations. Voting is a U.S. citizen’s chance to stand up for the issues you care about like public transportation, raising or not raising minimum wage, or funding for local schools. 

Elections are decided by the people who go out and vote.  Hopefully, you have invested time learning about and

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