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Jupiter Coffee Company

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Thursday, June 30th, 2022 at 3:31pm.

Jupiter, Florida is not known as a hub for great coffee. But an avid outdoorsman from Canada had a dream of perfecting instant coffee. He traded out his winter wear for flip flops and shorts and headed to Jupiter. Florida is known for its sunshine and beaches and not as a hub for great coffee. That is about to change with Jupiter Coffee Company. It is not too hearty, not too light, it is exactly right!

Most roasters and large coffee brands are situated in the Pacific Northwest, Colombia, and other regions around the world. After finding a roaster in South Florida and working through a number of blends, together they roasted coffee until they found just the right blend of delicious flavors. This roasted coffee blend was better than the dream of the instant could ever be.

At that moment, the instant coffee dream put on the back shelf. Confident it was the best, he wanted, no needed people to taste the blends he stumbled across, and Jupiter Coffee Company was born. You can pour it over, plunge it or press it. We believe in the freedom of choice, so we created a great coffee that can be enjoyed your way. 

Everything Jupiter Coffee Company does is sourced, processed, packaged, and shipped right here in the great state of Florida. They support local suppliers and employ people right here in our own community. Support local.

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