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Joan Miró Painting Workshop – Delray Beach

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Thursday, January 27th, 2022 at 11:30pm.

This acrylic painting workshop is a homage to art history. It involves a little technique and creative exploration! The program entitled “Intro to Creativity” will be a chance for artists, young and old of any level to tap into new processes using acrylic paint. The Arts Warehouse, 313 NE 3rd Street in Delray Beach fine art education class will explore this session's theme inspired by surrealist, Joan Miró. Instructor Beverly Manning will lead this class and guide pupils through Miro’s painting techniques incorporated to make some of his most famous works.

The primary goal of this workshop is to give an opportunity for students to learn, explore, relax, and enjoy painting. While everyone is encouraged to take this workshop, it was designed with three specific types of people in mind:

- Those who have never painted before.

- Those who feel like their creativity is being blocked.

- Those who just are curious to explore something new.

Before starting the workshop, the instructor will introduce a meditation technique meant to open the imaginative mind. The goal is to guide each student with a specific intention and subliminally influence their painting style. Get ready to get creative!


- All materials provided.

- The deadline to register is February 4, 2022, at 5 PM.

- If you have further questions, please give Arts Warehouse a telephone call at 561-330-9614.

About the Instructor:

Beverly was born in New York City and raised in Ecuador. She graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a BA degree in Art with a concentration in Graphic Design and Photography. In 1996 she moved to Florida where she worked as a Graphic Designer.

Best known for her colorful abstract paintings, Manning acquired her technical skills by collaborating with renowned painters from the South Florida area. She uses a wide range of mediums such as acrylics, newspapers, oil pastels and crayons, even her interior house paints. In other words, any and everything can help to create and obtain vibrant paintings. Manning uses an array of techniques which range from Tapping and Meditation to art exercises to tune into her and her students’ feelings.


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