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Get a Little Taste of Spain in Tequesta

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Thursday, January 19th, 2023 at 12:10pm.

Mix up your traditional happy hour with a tapas hour. The word tapas is derived from the Spanish word “tapa” which translated means "cover" or "lid." Most Americans are familiar with tapas as little bites, like hors d'oeuvres served in a bar. There is a well-known tapas bar here in Tequesta. Andalucía Tapas Bar and Restaurant is an authentic Spanish tapas bar in the heart of the Jupiter/Tequesta area. Andalucía is located at 187 Tequesta Drive.

There is more to the “tapas” story. Years ago, tired travelers would stop at an inn for a rest and a “chiquito” (small glass of wine). Since there were no screens on the windows, occasionally a fly may be in the bar. To prevent a fly from falling into the glass of wine, the innkeeper would place a piece of fresh crusty bread or cracker with cheese over the top. As time went by options for “tapas” grew. They are always small-scale plates, with small portions.

Andalucía Tapas Bar offers some of the following...

Albóndigas: meatballs made of pork and/or beef, served with sauce. 

Allioli: "garlic and oil" the classic ingredients are only garlic, oil, and salt, but the most usual form of it includes mayonnaise and garlic, served on bread or with boiled or grilled potatoes, fish, meat or vegetables.

Bacalao: salted cod loin sliced very thinly, usually served with bread and tomatoes. 

Calamares: rings of battered squid 

Caracoles: escargot

Chorizo al vino: chorizo sausage slowly cooked in red (rioja) wine.

Chorizo a la sidra: chorizo sausage slowly cooked in cider. Often garlic is also added.

Croquetas: a common sight in bar counters and homes across Spain, served as a tapa, a light lunch, or a dinner along with a salad. 

Empanadillas: large or small turnovers filled with meats and vegetables. 

Ensaladilla rusa: Olivier salad, made with mixed boiled vegetables, tuna, olives, and mayonnaise. 

Gambas: prawns sauteed in salsa negra (peppercorn sauce), al ajillo (with garlic), or pil-pil (with chopped chili peppers) 

Setas al Ajillo: fresh mushrooms sauteed with olive oil and garlic. 

Tortilla de patatas: (Spanish omelet) or tortilla Española: a type of omelet containing fried chunks of potatoes and sometimes onion.


For more information or reservations at Andalucía Tapas Bar and Restaurant, please call (561) 406-6509.

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