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Posted by Nicole Richards on Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 at 2:32pm.

Florida grown wine?
“There is a couple in Lake Worth making wines - Florida wine. That translates to a neon pink fruit in by fermenting the flowers of a tropical plant. It is guaranteed to give you a nice buzz without the threat of a nasty hangover.”

The newly opened Lake Worth, Florida based winery opened in early April 2016 naming it “Sons & Daughters Farm & Winery.”  Located west on Lantana Road and has a cozy tasting room which offers their guests a chance to sample the homemade wine from hibiscus flowers grown right from their very own organic farm. Other taps may also offer fruit Kombucha such as passion fruit, lemon and ginger.

The Organic wine has zero additives and no tannins, the homemade booze is easy to drink and less likely to make you feel crappy the next day!

After roughly six years of planting and harvesting organic crops to yield the soil, the property today includes a number of friendly animals, indigenous plants and insects that naturally act as pest control and a whole selection of crops that rotate with the Florida Seasons such as broccoli, tomatoes, figs, kale, passion fruit and more! Plus, several crops are available for purchase, including the hibiscus tropical plant.

Naming it the very first organic winery in Palm Beach County, Florida, the 8 person’s farm staff works around the clock deseeding, perfecting the sweet and fruity notes and harvest for dryer flavoring as well as clocking in at 13% alcohol by volume. When the Florida heat sets in, the staff offers “adult popsicles” too, in all different flavors such as melon mimosa and cucumber mojito and more!

“At Sons & Daughters, Bick isn't just making wine, however; first and foremost, he and Pfeifer are on a mission to create a sustainable organic farm that encourages the natural, symbiotic relationship between plant, animal, and man."

Hours: Thursday – Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm
Phone #: 305-613-8039

Sons & Daughters Farm & Winery
5926 Fearnely Road
Lake Worth FL 33460


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