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Fall Garden Sale for Palm Beach County

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Thursday, September 30th, 2021 at 3:12pm.

Your garden is meant to be enjoyed all year long even in Palm Beach County. If your garden is looking a little sad and faded at the end of a long summer, it’s time to get to work. Stop, do not put your gardening tools away just yet.  Mounts Botanical Garden in West Palm Beach is having their annual fall foliage sale for 2021.  Autumn is an ideal time to plant perennials, shrubs, and trees.

During the fall, the environmental conditions are mild, and rainfall typically is plentiful in the fall. Plants and shrubs get a beneficial start on life for next spring in autumn.  Find the perfect gift, make garden and landscaping lists and join Mounts Botanical Garden for the Plant-A-Palooza: Fall 2021 Plant Sale!  Shop for a wide variety of ornamentals, orchids, succulents, cactus, bonsai, butterfly/native plants, shrubs, fruit trees, herbs, garden accessories, baskets, fine crafts, and much more.

By growing plants with pretty autumn foliage such as mums, petunias, geraniums, pansies, and snapdragons you can extend your garden’s season.   You will be able to soak in the beautiful warm colors for months. Enjoy them from your window on a crisp morning or sitting around the pool and fire pit on a cool evening.

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