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Taking place on November 14, at the Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter is the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Program for girls. It is a one-day interactive program provides training and support for underserved girls in Palm Beach County put on by the Girls Leadership Institute, a segment of the Women’s Foundation of Palm Beach County. 

The Girls Leadership Institute provides a number of programs to help young women in Palm Beach County tap into their talents and abilities. The 2015 focus of the leadership program is on developing leadership skills, and fine-tunes their abilities in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Each year there is a different set of skills and fields that the programs focus

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Festival Miami- Florida’s Premier Live music Festival- provides world-class musical programming in diverse styles to all of sunny South Florida.

University of Miami Frost School Of Music, located in the beautiful Miami, Florida, upholds the Festival Miami and provides the musical talents of students with inspiring and relevant education so that they are fine leaders, provide much creativity and contribute to the performances within the music industry.

Festival Miami will be presenting 25-30 concerts in October and November during the time will also be featuring the Grammy Awards winning and internationally acclaimed musical artists.“Several events are offered free of admission each season and educational components such as master classes, open

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If you have had the privilege to own a piece of south Florida real estate, then you can attest to its superiority!  When you purchase a home in south Florida, whether it is Palm Beach, Hutchinson Island or Miami, you expose yourself to a better quality of life. Floridians have a way of enjoying the fun things in life, but who wouldn’t when you live in a year round paradise? With 6-month summers and cool winters, south Florida’s beaches are accessible all year. World class shopping, impeccable dining and five star restaurants are a plenty. Entertainment options are unlimited; you can see miles from the top of the famous Jupiter Lighthouse or go deep-sea fishing. If art is more your thing, there are wonderful museums from Palm Beach to the Keys,

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Do you have a kid or loved one looking to go to college in South Florida? One Floridian university will take a little extra work to get into. 

The University of Miami, in Miami-Dade County, took the number one spot for the most difficult and elite university to attend by Niche.com. Niche did a report that ranked each university in each state of the United States based on difficulty to get in. 

Niche did an evaluation of the schools based on a database of 2,245 schools. The schools were both public and private, but all of them were traditional four-year college and universities. Niche weighed their acceptance rate and SAT/ACT scores together to come up with an average score and a rank for difficulty to get into for an applicant.

One of the

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Florida’s first ever: Dads take your child to School Day

When families are engaged in a child’s learning experience students achieve more, further research suggests that when a father figure are involved in their education, students perform better academically have fewer behavioral and discipline problems and are also more responsible.

That is why South Florida is participating in the inaugural day: Dads Take your child to School Day which is on Wednesday, September 30, 2015. On this day, Florida’s Elementary Schools are encouraged to invite all fathers, step dads, Grandfathers, Uncles, Foster parent, big brothers or any other significant male role models to take your child to school and participate in brief, yet meaningful activities. The Florida

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Alumni Association of Palm Beach Atlantic University will be hosting its 28th Annual Golf Tournament and Auction on October 3, 2015 at the PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) is a private and independent University that offers undergraduate and professional degrees in Orlando, Wellington and West Palm Beach, Florida as well as online classes.

The golfing event is open to all, and is focused on raising currency for the Alumni Association Scholarship Fund. The golf tournament will start at 7 a.m. with a breakfast followed by the start of the tournament at 8:15 a.m.on both the Champion and Squire courses. Excitement will start the tournament by a Helicopter Ball Drop and a shotgun start at

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There is something about the sea that is magical to many, people are drawn to the sea, and they want to live by it, swim in it, and write poems about it.

When one is considering the next chapter or trajectory of where to pursue a higher education, the setting that surrounds that expanse plays a huge factor in consideration. College is about classes and degrees but also about the location where one would be spending the most important rising years of someone life. The location is vivacious, don’t you agree?!  

A compiled list of the 50 best sea-side locations for a higher education was formed on this methodology and determined the rankings:  
• Proximity to the beach (50%).
• Specific marine educational centers, degrees, or research facilities (30%).

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On Friday morning off of Gateway Boulevard in Boynton Beach, Florida a red carpet was rolled out for the Dimensional Harmony Choir of Boynton Beach High School. 

The Lord Mayor of the London borough of Westminster, Catherine Longworth, traveled from London to Palm Beach County and personally invited the beautifully, talented choir of young students to perform in London for the Festival of the New Year. Along from London to invite the group of talented teens was the Executive Director of the London International Choral Festival, Robert Bone. 

The London International Choral Festival is one of the world’s most renowned festivals for choirs, choruses and other musical groups. Sterling Frederick, the director of the Dimensional Harmony Choir was

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No matter how much experience you have out on the waterways, it is always a good decision for all, from novices to mavens, to frequently review the boating safety rubrics before setting off and departing from the dockage.  

As young as a teen, it is mandatory to learn the guidelines of the roads before you sit behind the wheel and many believe that same importance should be implemented before taking the controls of the waterways. Just like studying for your driver’s license, it is just as important to have boating safety information and certificates that are required prior to hitting the waterways.  You may not only be protecting yourself with the successful educational courses but you will be protecting other boaters as well.

In Jupiter, Florida,

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At the brand new Abacoa Community Park, you can run, bike, play, skate and much more!  The park has recently undergone some care and maintenance, making this park ready for season!

The Town of Jupiter recognized the necessity for a park that facilitates with more amnetiries and can offer alternative sports that seem to continue to be more conventional. Because of this, formerly known South Jupiter Community Park converted to Abacoa Communtity Park, that now has two roller hockey rinks and skate park for bikers and skaters that has a highlighted feature of the 9’ foot concrete bowl with many ramps and jumps and playing fields. 

The hockey rink will be re-done with Ice Court, LLC and will refinish the rink’s surface. Just in time for football

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