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Posted by zzz - Lorea Thomson on Thursday, November 29th, 2012 at 1:24pm.

istock_000011703276xsmall1_425_01Horseracing has various forms, of which thoroughbred racing is the most popular and has been termed as “The Sport of Kings”.  This has always been popular with the aristocrats and royalty of British society, thusly earning the title. Archeologically, records indicate that horseracing began as early as the days of Babylon, Syria, and Egypt.  Both chariot and mounted horses participated in the ancient Greek Olympics 648 B.C.   Harness racing is famous in Australia, New Zealand, and eastern United States.  It is even more popular than thoroughbred racing in parts of Europe.  Endurance racing involves Arabian horses and is popular in many American states, Europe, and the Middle East.  Different types of racing concerns involve different breeds of horses.  Various types of racing have given rise to horse breeds that excel in specific disciplines of each sport. 

To pick up a Polo match, no need to travel to ancient Persia. Here in the Palm Beaches, it does not matter if you own a horse, plan to play in a polo match, or if you wish to enjoy your first polo match as a spectator.  The Palm Beaches have excellent venues for everything you are looking for - from world-class field’s conditions to challenging courses in Wellington, Florida.  The International Polo Club Palm Beach is celebrating 10 years in Wellington.  Check out the 2013 Sunday Polo Schedule at www.internationalpoloclub.com.  Discover the largest equestrian sporting event in world – the Winter Equestrian Festival. Check out the dates for Holidays and Horses at www.equestriansport.com


In west Jupiter and West Palm Beach, there are several communities perfect for those who own horses, and even planes!  Some of the communities feature private runaways and hangers for private planes.  The very desirable community of Ranch Colony is one community that offers such amenities, within its subdivisions, and it is called Tailwinds.  Ranch Colony features home sites spanning ¾ of an acre to over 100 acres.  The estates are rich in detail with lavish amenities and breathe taking views.

If you have any questions regarding equestrian home sites, ranches or farms in the Palm Beaches please contact our ranch specialist Kathy Palmer at 561-248-6013 or Waterfront Properties and Club Communities at 561-746-7272. 

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