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Dream Home Wish List

Posted by Brittany Bosher on Thursday, June 21st, 2012 at 9:01am.


Before you start looking for your dream home you may want to sit down and make a list of items you wish you could have in this dream home.  Better yet, grab a piece of paper and fold it in half, on one side of the paper, place at the top of the paper the page the label “Wish List” and on the other side the fold line place the label “Needs”.  Now start filling in “Wish List” side.  Begin jotting down ideas as to what you would like to have in your dream home.  

It may be 5 bedroom suites/ 5 and ½ bathrooms/ 6,000 square feet/  with a guest house/ 3 car garage/ on direct ocean access.  If you can manage to move forward with your dream home purchase, fantastic!  If not, get pre-qualified for the type of home on your “Wish” list after you narrow it down to an enhanced version of your dream home!  

Most buyers should take a healthy look at their “Needs” list, “Wish List” and begin here looking for their dream home.  We, at Waterfront Properties, can start a search in our system that will find homes specific to your search criteria.  Any listings that match you specific search criteria will be emailed to you directly and you will have the opportunity to review the information before we show it to you.  This is an invaluable way to assess properties. Let us, at Waterfront Properties and Club Communities, help you make purchasing “dream home” come true. 

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