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No set schedules, no set times…you share the information when YOU want to go to the beach!

As an ambassador at the Jupiter beach, share information with dog owners about Friends of Jupiter Beach. The mission of Friends of Jupiter Beach, for over 26 years, has been to keep Jupiter beach clean and dog friendly.  The dog bags are provided FREE to visitors.  The Friends of Jupiter Beach offer monthly beach cleanups, dog beach etiquette reminders, and pick up trash on the beach.

Here’s how you can get started:

* Contact Karen Gray at 561-744-2659

* Receive FJB t-shirt for a $20 donation.

* When you go to the beach, wear your t-shirt.  Talk to as many dog owners as possible.  You may find that many beach goers already know and support the

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The city of Boca Raton has some of the finest dining spots around and Chloe’s Bistro is one of those delectable eateries.  Chloe’s Bistro is located at 6885 SW 18th Street Suite B7 in Boca Raton.  The restaurant always uses the greenest items because you simply cannot faux flavor. There is no compromising in quality when preparing delicacies such as Lobster Ravioli, Shrimp Scampi, Chicken Marsala, Burrata and more! Look at the menu and see.

Chloe’s Bistro is a favorite local Italian spot on the lakefront. The dishes take their diners all over the world. From authentic Italian dishes to French-style sandwiches, the dishes speak for themselves. Do not ignore the mouth-watering desserts. They are the talk of the town! Even though it is warm, if you

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The upscale Tex-Mex restaurant, Cactus Grille and Tequila Bar is coming to the boundary line between Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter. The eatery will take over the former Burger Bar space at the Donald Ross Village Plaza.

Cactus Grille and Tequila Bar has roots in Rhode Island. Cactus Grille and Tequila Bar is expected to open this fall, October 2021. The restaurant may be new to the plaza, but its family roots go back to Rhode Island in the early 1990’s. The Rhode Island family opened the first Cactus Grille in Providence serving authentic Tex-Mex cuisine and tequila.

Cactus Grille and Tequila Bar conjures up a contemporary feel with a lively vibe ideal for late-night entertainment. The restaurant features a 120-seat dining room, bar and lounge

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Jupiter’s charm is unmatched. Locals live peaceful, relaxing, coastal lives. The environments and nature are gorgeous.

With different sections of beaches to enjoy, Jupiter locals enjoy the perfect climate of South Florida while enjoying incredible activities. Not to mention the unparalleled wildlife that you can see almost everywhere you turn. 

Jupiter is very quickly becoming a popular place to go scuba diving in Florida for more advanced divers.

Jupiter is home to one of the few remaining truly off-leash dogs-friendly beaches in the state.  Jupiter’s Town Council has adopted a stretch of land for you to bring your fur-baby and let it run free!

Jupiter has some of the bluest water in the western Atlantic thanks to the warm water from the

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Palm Beach County residents take some time and do some reflection. National Singles Day is a 24-hour period where it’s okay to be about “me, me, me”.  Prioritize yourself, because you’re doing some important work, fine-tuning who you know you are, who you thought you were before, and where it all fits in, in the grander scheme.

National Singles Day Activities:

  1. Hit the Gym

… or the club or the farmers’ market, or a brick-and-mortar book group. Older and wiser people have been known to say, “Develop the interest first, meet people second.” Think of it this way: you’d be more interested in someone who had a depth and scope of talents, and they will feel the same about you.

  1. Delete your Ex’s Numbers

Don’t forget your Facebook,

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Usually in the United States your summer garden gets all the glory. Well in sunny Southeast Florida, when the warm weather begins to wind down, your beautiful garden show begins! The summer heat is hard to plant colorful blooms, yet come fall, it is time for residents to plant colorful annuals.  Southeast Florida has 2 basic annual seasons - winter and summer - with different plants for each one.

Winter annual plants can usually live through spring, but plant them too early in the fall when the weather is still hot, and they may not make it. If you plant during warm autumn weather, planting flowers such as geraniums, in partial shade where they will only get morning or dappled sunlight they should thrive.

Sometimes Southeast Florida annuals will

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The Blue Heron Bridge crosses over to beautiful Singer Island. This offers some of the best diving not just in Florida, but America and possibly the world. This is a scuba diver’s dream spot. It is located on Singer Island so there are no worries about booking a boat or long travel times because it’s a shallow dive spot.

The offering argument for the Blue Heron Bridge being a remarkable dive spot is the astonishing diversity. Divers could search up and down the east coast and not find as genuinely a populated place as this.  Manta rays, octopus, frogfish, stargazers, seahorses and so much more. All just a stone’s throw from shore.  Making shore diving an option for anyone.

Check out the shallow depth. It’s about 12 feet on average and gets down

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Although the leaves do not change color here in Southeast Florida, unless you consider palms turning from bright green to brown.  While fall is known as sweater, pie, and soup season, for most of the country, it should also be known as the ultimate beverage season, too. Think about it: Pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider, and a medley of delicious fall cocktails are just the ticket on a chilly day.

These autumnal drinks are warm and cozy, yet chilled. Here in the Palm Beach County area some are cold too for those who love icy beverages year-round!  Try one of these delicious, iced autumn beverages to get into the season:

Pumpkin Chilly Foam Iced Espresso:


1 cup heavy whipping cream

1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk


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For an early-morning taste of Old Florida, there’s no better spot than Jupiter’s Center Street Nook, located at 223 Center Street in the Town of Jupiter. There is something so reassuring about having a go-to breakfast place that you absolutely love. One where you get excited about visiting when you wake up on a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning. If you happen to be in the Jupiter area, then we know of a place where you can have a reliably delicious breakfast, surrounded by locals, with a community vibe. Grab your next morning meal at Center Street Nook in Florida. This family-run breakfast spot offers seriously hearty breakfasts served with a smile.

This no-frills spot has a comfortable neighborhood feel to it, where you’ll be greeted like family as

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Join others in the West Palm Beach area with a waterfront evening.  Dance the night away downtown at the biggest waterfront happy hour known as Clematis by Night. Every Thursday night from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at the Palm Stage on the Great Lawn in Centennial Square located at 101 South Flagler Drive in Downtown West Palm Beach.

People ‘in the know’ of what is happening on the local music scene recommend this award-winning music series.  The concert series has been rocking the area for nearly 30 years! Get familiar with the area’s best country, rock, rhythm and blues, and Latin music alongside the breathtaking setting of the West Palm Beach’s waterfront.

It is recommended that you bring your own blanket and lawn chairs. There will be plenty of

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