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As cooler weather approaches, it’s the perfect time to meander through the Jupiter Sound in Jupiter. When the ocean temperatures cool, manatees migrate to the warmer waters of the sound. To get up close and personal with these gentle giants, opt for a motor-free water vessel rental from Jupiter Outdoor Center.

The West Indian manatee, which is spotted throughout Jupiter, was once abundant throughout the tropic and subtropical western North and South Atlantic and Caribbean waters. However, the manatee’s numbers have been greatly reduced. Today, the West Indian manatee is listed as an endangered species throughout its range.

The sea cows will let you take a selfie, but DO NOT TOUCH them.  You must remain respectful, calm and do not chase them from

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Bring in some of the favorite smells of the fall season into your home. If you take a moment to sniff the brisk autumn air, you may recognize that each season has its very own distinctive smells. Even though Southeast Florida seems to have only two seasons summer and “not so much” summer, a/k/a “our South Florida” winter.  Winter gives your nostrils the sharp air, heavy with chilled air.

Autumn months, as they stretch out between summer’s heat into winter’s cold, often manage to capture many facets of the year’s smells. However, when we experience those wonderful annual moments in time, we realize that autumn also has very distinctive odors. Consider some of the most

  1.  Dry leaves
  2.  Campfires
  3.  Backyard barbecues
  4.  Hayrides
  5.  Autumn
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As an ambassador at the Jupiter beach, share information with dog owners about Friends of Jupiter Beach. The mission of Friends of Jupiter Beach, for over 26 years, has been to keep Jupiter beach clean and dog friendly. The Friends of Jupiter Beach offer monthly beach cleanups, dog beach etiquette reminders, and pick up trash on the beach.  Did you know that dog “poop” bag are provided for free?  No set schedules, no set times…you share the information when YOU want to go to the beach!

To get started please contact Karen Gray at 561-744-2659.  Upon volunteering to be an ambassador, for a nominal $20 donation, you will receive a Friends of Jupiter Beach t-shirt.  When you go to the beach, it is asked that you wear your t-shirt.  Talk to as many dog

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If you are looking for free family fun and entertainment in the Wellington area, head on over to the Wellington Amphitheater. The Wellington Amphitheater is located at 12100 Forest Hill Boulevard in Wellington.  They host live concerts are on Thursdays, plus occasional Friday, and Saturday evenings. There are food truck roundups on select Thursday nights, and free movies on Friday nights.  For more information visit Wellington Amphitheater online. 

Entertainment Events Scheduled at the Wellington Amphitheater this weekend:

Beginning this Friday, October 1-3, 2021, is the Pop-Up Biergarten.  The Village of Wellington has announced the opening day of its Lakeside Market at Wellington Town Center. The first day of the German-style Biergarten event

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Your garden is meant to be enjoyed all year long even in Palm Beach County. If your garden is looking a little sad and faded at the end of a long summer, it’s time to get to work. Stop, do not put your gardening tools away just yet.  Mounts Botanical Garden in West Palm Beach is having their annual fall foliage sale for 2021.  Autumn is an ideal time to plant perennials, shrubs, and trees.

During the fall, the environmental conditions are mild, and rainfall typically is plentiful in the fall. Plants and shrubs get a beneficial start on life for next spring in autumn.  Find the perfect gift, make garden and landscaping lists and join Mounts Botanical Garden for the Plant-A-Palooza: Fall 2021 Plant Sale!  Shop for a wide variety of ornamentals,

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Interior decorators recommend this one tip for an instant update is to change up your “tablescape”. Looking for a quick and easy updating tip for entertaining in Palm Beach County or Martin County?  Most people who are having guests over for an evening are generally having a dinner party.  Try this is a quick fix. The tip is relatively inexpensive and easy to change the appearance of your dining room table. Select a seasonal table runner that is modern add with fresh placemats and/or chargers and your dinnerware takes on a new life. 

Always pick up beautiful, fresh flowers that may well enhance the center of your table  and add creative new vase, driftwood, and candles.  Head over to the beach and collect beautiful shells, driftwood, gather

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Say goodbye to summer Southeast Florida and welcome in fall with its crisp air and warm colors. These crafty suggestions, and others can bring the essence of autumn into your Southeast Florida home. Get into the spirit of the fall season by making some simple fall décor changes. Spice up the look and feel of your home. Here are a couple of ways to bring the fall vibe into and around your home. 

Potted fall flowers like mums, in a seasonal color-complementing shade. Display pumpkins outside and see some splashes of color to your porch. Inside, change your tablecloth to a festive fall pattern or add a solid golden colored table runner on the dining table.

When cooler nights come, you’ll want to stay toasty and warm. Drape a plaid patterned or

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The Gardens Mall, located at 3101 P.G.A. Boulevard, in Palm Beach Gardens is offering curbside package delivery until January 31, 2022. The Gardens Mall is offering a complimentary contactless package pickup service.  It is anticipated more stores will join in the contactless package pickup service.

It is very simple...

  1. Call your favorite participating store and make your purchase.
  2. Drive over and park in “Gardens on the Go” designated spaces in either parking lots “A” or “E”.
  3. Call 561-775-7750 when you arrive.
  4. Present your identification, open your trunk and your packages will be deposited to your car.

The Gardens Mall participating stores as of October 1, 2021:

Amy’s Hallmark | (561) 694-1112

Athleta | (561) 624-6114

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The Royal Café is a great spot for breakfast and lunch. A hidden gem, that all Jupiter locals and visitors should visit. Royal Café features delicious comfort and healthy choices for breakfast and lunch. The Royal Cafe is known in Palm Beach County, for its excellent service and friendly staff.  Stop in for generous portions of food and free coffee refills.
There is no better spot than The Royal Café.  The café is located at 75 East Indiantown Road in Jupiter.

There is something so reassuring about having a go-to breakfast place that you absolutely love. One where you get excited about visiting when you wake up on a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning.

If you happen to be in the Jupiter area, then we know of a place where you can have a reliably

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There is a new law effective October 1, 2021 in Palm Beach County.  The new law will raise the state’s legal age to vape and smoke tobacco from 18 to 21, a threshold that already exists in federal law. Supporters say the measure is necessary to stop youth vaping.  The law will also make it illegal to smoke or vape within 1,000 feet of a school.

State Representative, Matt Whillhite stated, “We are sending a message to the Florida legislature or our government that we want to make sure that people are doing the best thing possible following obviously the federal law, but reinforcing it in the state of Florida and we want people will be healthy and we want to be protected and we want them to understand the consequences of smoking or vaping."


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