January 2020

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Every Friday morning during the month of January, the Loggerhead Marinelife Center is hosting their reoccurring popular Hammock Hike. The Hammock Hike is in honor of Gopher Tortoise Day on April 10th where the center will be leading the hike through Loggerhead Park.

The Hammock Hike includes members of the Loggerhead Marinelife Center staff leading a hike through the park to explore the Gopher tortoise habitat, to learn more about tortoises and maybe even see one along the journey. The Gopher tortoises are keystone species and have a huge impact on the ecosystem they live in. Today, the Gopher tortoise population is declining due to habitat loss, morality and illness.

The Loggerhead Marinelife Center is sampling and tagging the tortoises in Loggerhead

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There are many health trends which go in and out of style and leave people wondering what is actually good for them and what isn’t. The negative effects of sugar, though, is not a passing trend. There is clear-cut, established evidence showing, in short, that sugar is bad for you.

The problem, though, is that once your body becomes used to consuming a lot of sugar it is a hard habit to break. That is where Certified Life and Health Coach, Martha Walters comes in.

This Saturday Martha is hosting a talk at Nutrition Smart in Palm Beach Gardens where she will help you understand the three main challenges with kicking the sugar habit and teach you about the polarity of food and how it affects your cravings. She will also share with you six solutions

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The Palm Beach International Polo Season started this December 29th and last until mid-April 2020. Thousands of equestrians and Polo lovers flock to Palm Beach County’s Wellington every year to see some of the best Polo matches in the world.

Wellington is known as the Equestrian Capital of the world and the most popular destination for the Equestrian lifestyle. The Palm Beach International Polo Club and the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center are both located in Wellington.

Polo is one of the oldest equestrian sports and is a game played between two teams. Each team member uses a mallet to drive a wooden ball down the field to score points. The Polo Matches are played in Wellington every December 29th through the middle of April. Tickets are

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