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Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens area residents are very familiar with Donald Ross Road and Ellison Wilson Road. Beautiful gated communities such as Bears Club, Trump National, Frenchman's Reserve and Frenchman’s Creek line the busy street. However, do you know who or what the busy thoroughfare’s namesake is?

Donald Alexander Ross was a resident of Lake Park, formerly known as Kelsey City.  He moved to Kelsey City (Lake Park) in 1928 as a child.  Spending his days like most kids in the area, he played outside.  It is said he spent his childhood roller-skating along Dixie Highway and spent many days on the water.  He would row a dingy to Singer Island and have camp out, sleepovers on the vacant land that is Singer Island.

Ellison Wilson was a

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Tax laws are constantly shifting, lots of ebbs and flows.  There are no major new tax legislation changes for 2015, but tax laws are still always changing.  Some changes for 2015 may affect you.  Thank goodness, Florida does not have a state tax!

The 2015 tax bracket refers to the top 1 percent of high-income earners.  This means high-income earners will be paying 39.6 percent income tax on gross taxable earnings.

The IRS is cracking down on IRA rollovers. It was easy to “borrow” money set aside for retirement for up to 60 days.  As of 2015, one can only do that once in a 12-month period.  If you wish to move IRA assets, you may do so by using “trustee to trustee” transfers.

The Health Insurance penalty for not having health insurance has

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Busch Wildlife Sanctuary seems like a hidden gem in middle of Jupiter, Florida. At Loxahatchee River District, this sanctuary is bringing a lot of visitors especially for spring breakers! It is a refuge and nature center for Florida wildlife with kid-friendly trails throughout the woods and wetlands!

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is not a zoo; it is a non-profit organization that runs fully on donations and helping the wildlife. Every animal in the entire sanctuary came as a rescue. “Every animal has a story. Every animal came to us because they had nowhere else to go.” said David Hitzig, director of Busch Wildlife.  Or some of the wildlife had been purchased as a pet and later realized it could not behave like a household pet would.

The sanctuary also

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Located at 240 West Riverside Drive in Jupiter is a magnificent British West Indies riverfront estate. Visit the link for a Video Tour of the beautiful home situated on a prime piece waterfront property of by clicking here

British West Indies inspired homes are renowned for many doors and windows allowing natural light into the home, as well as to keep the inside of the home cool. This style of architecture started in the British colonies during the late 18th and 19th century in the Caribbean, Anguilla, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. Lavish exteriors draw the homeowner into inviting outdoor living areas.

The home at 240 West Riverside Drive, Jupiter features all the elements of a

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Abacoa Golf Club recently completed $700,000 in improvements, just in time for the golf course's most popular time of the year.

Some of the updates and improvements included improving the driving range, refurbishing the restaurant, moving tee locations, increasing the length of the course, and modernizing the golf carts.

“Our golfers want to finish 18 holes in four hours. They have so many things to do. Their kids are playing sports. They want to go to the beach, out to dinner, meet with friends,” said co-owner Robbie Dew.

The course, which was built in 1999, is one of many public municipal golf courses in Palm Beach County. West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, Lake Worth, and Palm Beach Gardens all have public municipal courses. Those courses

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You may be curious about the clearing that is happening at the southwest end of Donald Ross Road Bridge in Jupiter.  The 17-acre Palm Beach County maintained park is currently being cleared of predominately of Australian pines.   Excavation of Waterway Park includes over 30,000 cubic yards of waste material brought up during the course of an excavation or a dredging. The Jupiter High School Environmental Academy, the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, and others have planted over 35,000 red mangrove seedlings.

The red mangrove plantings will create over 11 acres of new mangroves, wetlands and “the creation of 1 acre of maritime hammocks at the southern terminus of the park's peninsula”.

The total expenditures for the project exceed $500,000.

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Local, organic, seasonal and sustainable are current “buzzwords” used a lot lately.  To be truly helpful to the environment one must know the differences between and similar implication of these words. If you are a health conscious foodie, you probably want your food or other agriculture products to be local, organic, seasonal and sustainable.

Local food means food that is grown within a certain range.  That radius can cover a few miles or hundreds of miles of your area.  It generally is a good idea to ask if the product is from your town, county or state so you are clear on what local means in that particular instance.

Organic refers to the method food production. Crops that are grown without artificial fertilizers, artificial pesticides, not

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Golf Pioneer Malachi Knowles and former Palm Beach Post Golf and Sports writer Craig Dolch were among the seven inducted into the Palm Beach County Sports Hall of Fame this past weekend at the Plam Beach County Convention Center.

Knowles founded Inner City Youth golfers Incorporated in 1993. The not for profit organization was set up to help at-risk kids by promoting culture, education, and golf. He also started the African American Golfer's Hall of Fame.

"It means an awful lot to me," Knowles said. "From 10-years-old as the 'shag boy' at the Everglades Country Clb until today, 64 years later, I go into the Palm Beach County Sports Hall of Fame - what a great day."

In addition to Knowles and Dolch, five other were inducted inlcuding Palm

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Everyone who is in the market to sell his or her home is looking for maximum dollar. The real estate market wavers each year regardless of whether you live in South Florida or another part of the country.  Spring and summer have proven to be the most advantageous time of the year with winter being slightly slower.  Palm Beach County real estate market seems to favor spring as the “selling season” with perfect weather, flowering plants and wonderful days at the beach.

Springtime is the beginning of selling season. There is an increase in new listings at this time.  The momentum from spring selling season overflows into the summer season, making summer the second best time of year to list your home.

Homes listed toward the end of the workweek,

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Saturday, March 19|7:00 pm
Free Concert at Seabreeze Amphitheatre in Jupiter!

Mark your calendars for this Saturday, March 19 at 7:00 pm for an awesome free concert at Seabreeze Amphitheatre in Jupiter, Florida. Right across the way from the beautiful Carlin Park, where many locals enjoy relaxing and having fun on the clean sandy beaches!  

“Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department Presents: Doors Alive. Doors Alive is a group of talented musicians dedicated to delivering the most accurate recreation of a live Doors performance that you have ever seen. From the dramatic to the eerie, the jazz influences to the straight up rock and roll, you will be astounded by the bands ability to entertain. Doors Alive is a must see for any fan of the

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