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Each summer along the Florida beaches, many patrols make their rounds and search the beaches early in the morning  for sea turtle nests. When they find tracks coming from the water, they are able to determine if the turtled nested or just came out of the water on a false crawl. If the turtle nested, the patrols and volunteers must record the location with a GPS, the date and the species, which can be determined by its tracks, along with some other recorded information that they can spot. The nest is then marked off with stakes and bright colored tape so beachgoers are aware of the location and will not disturb the protected area. Given about 45 days after the nest was laid, a depression in the sand begins to form as the eggs below will hatch. After the

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Get ready for one of the most exclusive offshore kayak fishing tournaments in the nation based out of Pompano Beach, FL. This Saturday August 16, 2014, Extreme Kayak Fishing Inc. is the biggest offshore kayak fishing tournament on the East Coast. The battle for the series champion will be heated due to the attraction from anglers all over the United States.

The Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament started three years ago and is only expanding with the new tournament location in Freeport, Grand Bahama, since the crews are after the bigger game.
This is the final chapter Part 2 of The Extreme Summer Slam, the angler that has the most weight of the catches combined from the Part 1 tournament with the Part 2 wins the Extreme Super Bowl Ring!

1st Place-

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Jazz on the Palm

Come out and relax amongst the warm summer breeze, beautiful water views and spicy jazz music that flow through the West Palm Beach Waterfront. Every 3rd Friday of the month at West Palm Beach Waterfront’s Centennial Square you can come out to the free concert to enjoy the vivacious sounds of jazz under the stars. 

August 15th, 2014, from 8pm to 10pm the incredibly talented, Kiki Sanchez and Elaine Hernandez will showcase their talents at Jazz on the Palm. 

Kiki Sanchez is a Peruvian pianist that showcases her talents through a blend of jazz and tropical fusion. Sanchez began his formal education in Peru and continued evolving his talents and style there. He trained in Peru with the celebrated artists, Coco Macedo and Edermi Chavez. Some of the

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In this area, it is hard not to see a smiling face with the abundant natural beauty of beaches, waterways, and perpetual sunshine!  Ask anyone around here “What is the friendliest city in America?” and the response will probably be their hometown of Jupiter, Stuart, North Palm Beach, or a number of any of the nearby cities.

According to Conde Nast’s annual Reader’s Choice Survey for 2014 via The Palm Beach Post:

#10 friendliest city is Ashville, NC

# 9 friendliest city is Nashville, TN

# 8 friendliest city is Key West, FL

# 7 friendliest city is Jackson Hole, FL

# 6 friendliest city is Fort Worth, TX

# 5 friendliest city is New Orleans, LA

# 4 friendliest city is Telluride, CO

# 3 friendliest city is San Antonio, TX

# 2 friendliest

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Fishing Report 8.8.14

August is always an exciting month here in South Florida for fisherman both inshore and offshore. It is the start to a transition for weather patterns especially toward the end of the month. Most days in August will be smoking hot with tropical weather in the mix which can really stir up some great fishing.

OFFSHORE- The wahoo fishing has started to fire up as the moon gets bigger and bigger. Reports show that wahoo are being caught from Palm Beach to Jupiter Inlet from 120’-300’ of water early in the morning and late in the afternoon. The Bonita are getting pretty thick right now (a good reason why the wahoo are here); so if you’re trying to avoid the Bonita, keep the baits big and/or speed up the boat a bit when trolling.
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The Palm Beach Summer Beer Fest takes place this SATURDAY, AUGUST 9, 2014 from 1pm to 5pm in the air conditioned comfort of the South Florida Fairgrounds boasting more than 150 craft beers. Come check it out in the humidity free indoor venue.

Sponsored by 103.1 WIRK Country radio, the beer bash includes the following participating breweries: Delray’s  Saltwater Brewery, Cigar City, Funky Buddha, New Belgium, Brooklyn Brewery, Abita, Ommegang, Terrapin, Holy Mackerel, Magic Hat, Newcastle, Guinness, SweetWater, Kona, Rooney’s, Duvel, Sierra Nevada, and many others.

Adding to the “sudsy vibe”, there will be a “king of the home brew” contest, a gaming area, a silent disco, and live music by Better Than Ezra, Ryan Kinder and County Line Road.


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Florida recently launched a new website to better facilitate its Trophy Catch largemouth bass conservation program. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission biologists are now marking Large Mouth Bass greater than 8 pounds with a dart tag for anglers who catch and release in Florida. There are three different ranks and two bonus categories for the chance to win prizes.

Anglers in The Lunker Club, who catch and release bass between 8-9.9 pounds, receive a $100 in gift cards, short sleeve T-shirt, and certificate and a decal. The Trophy Club for catches between 10 and 12.9 pounds, awards $150 in gift cards, T-shirt, certificate and decal. Then The Hall of Fame Club, for bass heavier than 13 pounds will award the angler with $500 fiberglass

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South Florida is a haven for the health-conscious and actively inclined. There isn’t really any activity that you can’t do with the exception of snow skiing, but we have water skiing, so who needs it? All the availability of activities can make one a little jaded. So, spice up your routine and try a new challenge, yoga on a stand up paddleboard. This sport will reinvigorate you to become an even better yogi then you thought – all while enjoying the natural glory of floating on water. This new sport is not just for the lucky few in tropical places but the S.U.P. yoga community is much larger than you would expect and makes it easier for you to find a convenient place to try it, especially South Florida.

Since the platform of the stand-up paddleboard is

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Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation is working on improving our marine environment along with keeping Andrew Harris’ legacy alive.  Andrew, like most Floridians, had pure love for our local south Florida waters, whether it is leisurely snorkeling and observing the natural wildlife or hunting for fish and lobsters, fishing out in the ocean or the Intercostal Waterways. Heartbreakingly, on June 8, 2014, Andrew life was taken abruptly after being struck by a boat while snorkeling in the Jupiter Inlet. Andrew’s family and friends have joined together to build this Foundation to represent all what Andrew lived for. His athletics, his love for the ocean, and you can do anything attitude. 

The first foundations fundraising event will be a golf tournament at Tequesta…
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Get your green on with the West Boca Green Market at Olympic Heights High School. Every Sunday, at the high school, you will find everything from seafood, desserts, cheeses, olive oils, cooked food to take home, flowers and plants, homemade soaps, nutrition products, handmade jewelry and of course a wide selection of organic produce. Along with, five to ten local boutiques will be showing off their products for sale. 

Don’t worry about summer in South Florida and its unpredictable weather, Olympic Heights has plenty of breezeways that will shield you from any unexpected downpour as you pick out your organic goodies. This fresh market is free, so you can splurge on deliciousness.

The West Boca Green Market takes place on every Sunday, all year round, from…
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