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Team U.S.A. at the 2011 Solheim Cup. Photo courtesy of Getty Images

The Solheim Cup is a team event in which the United States and Europe. The women’s equivalent of the Ryder Cup, the Solheim Cup features three days of match play and is held every two years at sites alternating between the United States and Europe.

With this year’s event being held in Colorado and the 105 event taking place in Heidelberg, Germany, the 2017 cup location is up for grabs. Bids are starting to come in from all over the country and Palm Beach County is considering throwing their name in the proverbial hat.

George Linley, the executive director of the Palm Beach County Sports Commission announced last week that the board of directors is discussing the possibility of bidding on the…
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Located in Midtown off PGA Boulevard in Palm Beach Gardens is a one-tenth-acre garden where volunteers grow vegetables they donate to local charities.

Providing vegetable to places like the Quantum House in West Palm Beach and Place of Hope in Palm Beach Gardens, volunteers till, plant, weed, and harvest everything from green beans to cabbage on the property. For the last three years, the property owned by the Borland Center has attracted volunteers from all over Northern Palm Beach County for a few hours every week.

The volunteers start in September when they spread compost that is donated by Waste Management. While the garden grows tomatoes, kale, cabbage, green beans, eggplant, broccoli, herbs, and onions, its prized and most popular crop in the

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In the midst of Palm Beach County’s affluent population of Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, Cleveland Clinic Florida, is about open a facility staffed with outstanding neurologists and generals practitioners at 4520 Donald Ross Road in Palm Beach Gardens.

Cleveland Clinic Florida is home to over 215 of the world’s top physicians and specialists representing 40 specialties and subspecialties for a variety of medical conditions.  Cleveland Clinic Florida is a proven leader in medical research and an international name in medicine.  
The excellent center is prevalent with many of Palm Beach society who are happy to financially support the not for profit center and have close access to top medical care. More than 400 guests donned their most impressive attire…
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Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Throughout our lives we have all had to deal with airline companies losing our luggage. The anger and frustration caused from finding out that your luggage never made the connecting flight or ended up in the wrong city can be just one of the stressors of traveling. Next time you get involved in this inconvenient situation just remember the name Scott Gardiner.

Gardiner flew into Ohio from Australia Sunday night in preparation for his Monday qualifier in Columbus. However, one very important thing was missing. His clubs. The airline lost he clubs in transit and as a result, Gardiner had to compile a makeshift set from multiple staff members at the Lakes Golf and Country Club where he was playing. Normally playing a bag

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Fullerton Island is getting a makeover. Workers will start removing nonnative vegetation on the town-owned island in Jupiter this month in preparation for the new nature preserve for small boats and kayaks.

The county plans to not only remove vegetation such as Australian pines and Brazilian pepper, but they will also grade the island to a level for wetland preservation. This will promote growth for native plants and increase water flow. About 3,000 knee-high mangrove seedlings will be planted on the 12-acre island just west of Burt Reynolds Park.

jupiter_high_106b_2322“We’re restoring a vital natural area with mangroves and other native plants that will draw birds and be a nursery for sea life,” said Julie Bishop, an environmental program supervisor with Palm Beach County…
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Golf is a great game but can sometimes be played to slow. We live in the golf mecca, with some of the best courses in the country located in the Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter area. However, many people make the decision to not play golf because its takes up too much time. With that in mind, the Golf Channel has named June Pace of Play Month. Here are some helpful tips to speed up your round next time you are on the course and have more fun.
Move promptly- Proceed quickly to your ball after you hit your shot and be ready when it’s your turn to hit. One of the best ways to ensure that you get to your ball quickly is to take note of the area your ball landed in, especially off the tee and identify physical features that are near the ball’s landing site.

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