February 2013

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ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival

Coming to the Abacoa Town Center this weekend in Jupiter is the 28th annual ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival.  If you have attended this sunny, art festival in years past you know how much it has grown. Once a small, local show for homegrown artists, now a nationally acclaimed, fine art extravaganza!  

This year, ArtiGras was ranked as #54 by the Sunshine Artist Magazine out of their “Top 100 List” of fine art festivals in the nation. ArtiGras attracted over 150,000 art collectors and art lovers to their recent events and this year they anticipate high numbers as well. ArtiGras is expecting to have 300 artists, 1,200 volunteers and 85,000 patrons spread out among 2.2 miles and 3 days of non-stop fun. The 300 fine artists are broken up into 14 different

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JDRF Walk for the Cure- Palm Beach 2013

Every year in West Palm Beach thousands of men, women and children join together to “Walk to Cure Diabetes” for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). This walk is a fun way to come together and show your support to all of the people living with type 1 diabetes (T1D). Every year walks around the nation take place and we have one here in West Palm Beach at the Meyer Amphitheater. JDRF is the world’s leading foundation pioneering research for the cause, treatment and cure of T1D.

T1D is an autoimmune disease in which a person looses the ability to produce insulin. Insulin is a vital hormone created by the pancreas that is crucial to digestion. This disease is more common than we think. More than 15,000 kids and 15,000 adults in the United States

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What could be more fun than seeing the finest, mega yachts and super cars, when you live in south Florida? Not much! If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend one of the world-class, Miami International Boat Shows, don’t miss the one coming up next weekend. The 2013 Miami International Boat Show is rolling into town from February 14-18th, and it is sure to set the benchmark. Every year we have 3 unparalleled, super shows that come to our area: Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. 

The Miami Boat Show is the largest, annual event Florida hosts and it is the premier place to see what’s new in the world of boating. At the Miami International Boat Show the jumbo yachts, super cars and spectacular scenery will amaze you. The famous canals and inlets

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100th Anniversary of the American Cancer Society

This weekend, on Saturday, February 9, 2013, the American Cancer Society Gala of North Palm Beach will take place in the stunning community of PGA National. This is the Centennial Anniversary for the American Cancer Society (ACS), celebrating “100 years of progress in the fight against cancer.”  

The American Cancer Society is a forerunner in the research of cancer, its treatments and a cure. They refer to themselves as the “Official Sponsor of Birthdays,” and thanks to them nearly 14 million cancer survivors are celebrating birthdays this year. The central mission of this mighty organization is to destroy the disease that has affected so many lives. ACS is the largest, nongovernmental funding source of cancer research. They have invested over $3.4

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Housing Market in Florida Makes A Come Back!

News of the real estate market in south Florida making a come back has been making headlines. According to the recent home price index released by Standard & Poor (S&P) in January of 2012, the prices of homes in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties have risen considerably. Since October of 2011, the home prices have risen 0.8 percent and a whopping 9.9 percent from the year before. October was the 11th consecutive month that home prices have grown in these three counties on an annual basis, according to the Sun Sentinel.

The chairman of the S&P price index, David M. Blitzer, stated, “Prices are rising, as are both new and existing home sales.” He also made the comment that the “housing market is clearly recovering.” His enthusiasm and the positive

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Miami Beach

The holiday season is over and we have arrived in February. While the majority of our nation is still shoveling snow and bundling up, the Floridians are hitting the beach. Florida has the warmest and sunniest winters in the eastern United States and February is the time to visit. February is the busiest month in south Florida, as asserted by USA Today, with tourism influxes reaching over 86 million people in past years. Some of Florida’s beaches are warmer than others which create the enticing, vacation hot-spots like Miami Beach and Palm Beach. The sunshine state is renowned for its tropical temperatures, stunning real estate and miles of beaches. According to Southfloridavacation.com the average temperature in south Florida during the month of February

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Born one of six children, Anna Lou Leibovitz probably never imagined herself as a modern day cultural icon, much like one of the subjects of her world famous photographs. She grew up in Connecticut to an Air Force Lieutenant father and a dance instructor mother. Annie eventually enrolled in at the San Francisco Art Institute to study painting and developed a love for photography. 

After living briefly in Israel, Leibovitz returned to the States, applied for an up, and coming new rock and roll magazine “Rolling Stone”.  She was offered a job as a staff photographer.  At the age of 23, she was promoted to the position of chief photographer of the magazine.  She left “Rolling Stone” after ten years and began working for “Vanity Fair” magazine.  This

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Cirque Du Soleil: Totem Miami

The 28th show in the Cirque franchise visits South Florida through February 24, 2013.  From the Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens area, the venue, adjacent to the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, at the Miami-Dade and Broward County line is just 60 minutes away.  

The story premise of “Totem” imagines humankind’s evolution into contemporary day living.  Amusing images of a modern day executive and various stages of Darwinian man, unicyclists, and colorful acrobats perform death-defying feats. Nonstop twirl formations throughout the aquatic performance as others gracefully swim underneath a tilted stage from imaginary water. The show can be described as colorful and fanciful, “livelier than a musical, with brilliant lighting, pulled together with an

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