June 2012

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Perhaps when you think of Jupiter you think of its stunning waterfront estates, its miles of traversable waterways, long beaches and close distance to the islands of the Bahamas. These are some of the magnificent characteristics of Jupiter Real Estate no doubt but we should keep in mind the other end of the spectrum. Jupiter features sprawling real estate in its western quadrant perfect for those who want some room to spread their wings (quite literally)!

In west Jupiter and West Palm Beach, there are several communities perfect for those who own planes and horses. Some of the communities feature private runways and hangers for small, private planes. For example, in the desirable community of Ranch Colony is one of its five subdivisions, Tailwinds.

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Living in Jupiter is a pleasure and knowing your kids can get a stellar education is a bonus!  Palm Beach County has some of the best high schools in the nation according to recently released data from NEWSWEEK magazine’s “America’s Best High School 2012” list!   To compile the list of the top high schools in America, editors reached out to principals, administrators, and superintendents across the country.  Data was complied for the 2,300 schools over the 2010-2011 academic school years.  

Based on the standards set forth by the National Governors Association, Suncoast High School placed 9th on “America’s Best High School 2012” list.  Suncoast High School has been consistently ranked in the top ten nationally ranked high schools for the past five

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Wide water views and a charming atmosphere create the perfect place to call home in Tequesta, Florida. Tequesta is an incorporated village found just north of Jupiter. It is a cozy area covering just over 2 square miles and Tequesta features a small population making it very intimate and private. Though Tequesta is small it packs a punch! You will love the local restaurants, with some of the best tropical cuisine in the state. Adorable shops are dotted throughout the village offering specialty shops for boating, fishing, clothing and food. The privacy and serenity Tequesta has to offer are some of the characteristics that make its homes so desirable. 

The Loxahatchee River winds throughout parts of Tequesta offering ideal waterfront real estate.

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Fannie Mae versus Freddie Mac??

We have all heard the terms and we think we know what they are all about and how they work, right? Well, I know that I get confused sometimes and it never hurts to brush up. Today, we see news about our economy everywhere we turn. From the news, the newspapers, magazines, emails, billboards etc.… The bulletins about the state of the economy and the real estate market are laced with jargon, acronyms and abbreviations that can get tricky! 

Here, I am addressing the differences of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. For all we know, there are people out there asking the question, “Who are these people?” Well, they aren’t people at all; they are publicly traded, government-sponsored enterprises within the financial services

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