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Visit American Homes Park in Boca Raton | Waterfront Properties

Posted by Gerald Lombardo on Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 at 7:29am.

There are a number of family fun parks in Palm Beach County. Some of the family-friendly activities are envisioned to get everyone active and moving, from the youngest to the oldest in the family.  Health and Wellness partners, along with Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation, present these events to give the community a chance to get vital information about health and wellness, together with free health screenings. Many free resources for residents are available from various partners around the community.

American Homes Park, 9779 Liberty Road, sits lakeside in Boca Raton and is a very enjoyable community park for families. American Homes Park comprises of picnic benches, exercise stations, as well as a playground with areas for younger and older children. The park is open sunrise to sunset.

American Homes Park is a park within Palm Beach County and is nearby to Whisper Walk and Mission Bay as well as nearby South County Triplex Park. It has age-specific play structures that have been provided for your amusement.  Children in age groups 2-5 and 5-12, depending on the structure, have been designed specifically for them for use. Colorful and sensory-rich play areas afford opportunities for children with and without disabilities to play together side-by-side.  Safeguard your child's safety with adult supervision at all times.

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