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Places To Eat Vegan In The Palm Beaches

Posted by Gerald Lombardo on Thursday, January 17th, 2019 at 1:33pm.

There are a variety of healthy restaurants spread across the Palm Beaches, and many of them have great options for vegans. Here are a few of the best places to eat vegan in the Palm Beaches.

The Chickpea

The Chickpea serves Mediterranean cuisine with a modern twist and a blend of Middle Eastern flavors. We focus on using fresh, organic and all-natural ingredients in our recipes, handled and prepared with care to produce exceptionally fresh and delicious food.

Queen of Sheeba

Queen of Sheeba Ethiopian restaurant is located in the Historic Northwest of West Palm Beach, featuring Ethiopian dishes furnished with the rich flavors of carefully crafted and individually prepared Ethiopian spices.

Joy Noodle

Joy is a noodle specialist turning out Pan-Asian fare in a small space with eclectic Eastern decor.

Rock Steady Juice Joint

Rock Steady sources the highest quality 100% organic fruits & vegetables. Free of any pesticides, chemicals, or GMO's the way nature intended. They offer an array of live-food options that, when consumed regularly, will leave you feeling better and more whole than you've ever experienced.

Celis Produce

Celis Produce is a family-owned mini market chain featuring fresh organic produce, juices & healthy bowls.

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